Castres Sports Glace
Ice figure skating and ice dancing
L'Archipel, Bd Georges Pompidou, 81100 Castres, Tarn, France- Tel: 05 63 51 31 95

Ice figure skating and ice dancing

French Ice Skating School
recognised by the French Ice Sports Federation

Dream no longer - come and skate with us
Ice skating school
For the 4 to 14 years old, 3 hours free trial (skates provided)

Club news

Season 2013-2014

The Club Gala will take place on Friday evening 16th May at 20:30.

Romane Morillas was ranked 6th in the dance French Championships (1st division) in Belfort (4th-6th April).

Julie Sers, Inès Rosset, Laurie Planty, Axelle Cèbe, Margot Laffont, Mylène Berruezo et Maéva Ferreira were selected to participate in the dance French Championships (2nd division) in Dijon (19-20 Avril).

The results in ice figure skating of the Blagnac Trophy (5-6 April) are available.

The results in ice figure skating of the Sun Trophy in Montpellier (22-23 March) are available.

License and insurance
As a French Ice Sports Federation licensee you get basic guarantees of the federal contract, during the practice of Ice Sports.
Info and optional complementary insurances are available.


Information about the Club in general, fees and registrations can be obtained in the changing rooms at training times.

For any information call 05 63 51 31 95.

See the dates of the competitions organised by the Club.

Before jumping onto the ice at each training, don't forget to warm up. This advice is valid not only for the young, but also for the adults, particularly the less young. Try to remember this page, if not print it and keep it safely on you.
Happy skating!


Skating news
National competitions (ice figure skating - ice dance)

International competitions (ISU, FFSG)


French Team (ice figure skating - ice dance)

Castres Sports de Glace

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